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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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road, was then shut down for seven hours, it was 8:30 last night. we are at the hospital with the trooper. plus one carries involve in three crashes, while being chased in west philadelphia a. why darby native police are after the two who were in the car. that was a stupid bone head move once again on the city of philadelphia. >> well, fans reacting strongly as the eagles blow up the roster, demarco murray just one of the big names leaving town. of course we will have a full discussion of that. good day, it is tuesday march 8th, 2016. eagles wash away any thought of chip kelly. >> they just want to forget. >> on twitter they had computer screen that said undue. >> yes. >> go back to chip kelly's undue. >> just pressing the reset button. >> chip away. >> chip away. >> yes, hi, sue.
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>> well, it begins a three day, four day warm up here. >> yes. >> i'm ready. >> if it hits 80's sometimes this week, i'm going to. >> oh, no. >> i have to come up with something. >> we will call it something for you. >> you need to decide. >> we will give it a nine today, some may think it is ten worthy later on but we have got that in store for tomorrow or next day. it is not as cold this morning as it was yesterday in the 20's and 30's. the bus stop buddy has jacket on because it is in the 40's but mittens are staying home. we have tiny bit of rain showing up on ultimate doppler radar, very isolated, weak showers, not the a big deal, nothing falling here in philadelphia a and it is 48 degrees, 5-mile an hour wind, sunrise time 6:23. how about 72 for a high temperature today and tonight, in the as cold with a low, around 50 degrees, we will talk about even warmer temperatures then that in the
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seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> hey sue good morning. 6:02 exactly on a tuesday morning we are looking live an accident here on i-95. look at this fellow sideways here across what would be the right lane. i-95 northbound right before the packer avenue walt whitman bridge interchange, so this will impact everybody say the airport trying to get up toward center city, again taking out that right lane as you head northbound passing broad street, just right there at the that curve approaching the walt whitman bridge. elkins park an accident ashburn road and new second street. i will tell you more about the 295 accident from last night but i can tell thaw all lanes are opened this morning on 295, in south jersey, but south on 67 6a crash at exit number one, and south on 295, up near florence columbus an accident at route 130, mike and alex, back to you. 6:03 on this tuesday.
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>> a new jersey state trooper hit the by a koran 295. >> officer was taken to the hospital, cooper hospital, where steve is, do we know how he is doing. >> reporter: unfortunately no update, at all since right after the crash. nine hours ago. it was real busy outside emergency room this parking lot full of the new jersey state police cars. they have all left. it was up on the emergency rooftop helicopter pad where their collogue arrived last night flown here with severe injuries hit by a koran a highway with a 65-mile an hour speed limit. he was outside his cruiser and it was dark at 8:20 p.m. no new update since 9:25 p.m. a little more than an hour after the accident when the official tweet from the new jersey state police account said quote we can confirm one of our troopers was struck by a vehicle on 295 southbound in the deptford area taken to cooper. no condition. what happened was a woman
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driving at the exit where 295 splits and five lanes, hit trooper after he pulled another car over, that silver car he pulled over, was hit so hard it spun all the way across all the of the lanes and caught fire, facing the opposite direction against the guardrail in the left lane. the driver in that car had to be taken to the hospital, the female driver that hit both stopped and cooperated and as you can see in the second tape had in choice but to stop her car, smash in the oblivion also facing the opposite lane and look a at that windshield where it impact with the trooper, smash in on the passenger side and front end damage which we see so often, human body can do damage to a car and so that car as you can see facing north bound after the crash just an awful scene out on 295 southbound and again alex, i'm proving state police had their lives in jeopardy just pulling people over even if it the is for something as silly as a broken
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taillight their lives can be danger and this proves it. >> just horrible. let us know when you hear. lets get to lauren with the top store thinks morning. >> good morning, a one year-old is in the hospital after a hit by city owned car on the 200 block of gaining avenue in olney. investigators say child wondered into the the street yesterday afternoon, that is when toddler was hit by a white vehicle that kept going. police say driver likely did not the see the child and didn't realize what happen. one year-old is in stable condition. two men in jail have after an intense police pursuit that started in darby and ended in west philadelphia sky fox over the scene on catherine street where the chase came to a crashing end late yesterday afternoon. suspects red car could not go any further after slamming in the couple of park cars, in all, authorities say the suspects were involved in three collisions along the way injuring four bystanders. >> chasing the car, from fifth their street and then next
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thing i know cops were all over the place. >> darby officers started pursuing the two suspects when they witnessed a drug deal. they are facing a slew of charges, mike and alex. final arrangements for nancy reagan have been set now. officials say there will be a public viewing tomorrow and thursday at the ronald reagan presidential library any southern california. her funeral will be a private affair, happening friday morning, she was 94 years old. she will be buried next to her husband at the library. nancy reagan died of congestive heart failure on sunday at her los angeles home. well, eagles as we keep saying are chipping away at chip's players. we have got demarco murray, gone. so murray, alonzo and maxwell all gone? is this a good idea? are you happen bye this? get on twitter and facebook.
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maria sharapova fails a drug test at the australian open. now she's admit to go exactly how long she has been taking the banned substance.
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are they trying to wash a away chip's mistakes. >> yesterday i kept looking at twitter. >> another one gone. >> another one, another one, confirmed by this person. >> murray is moving on, dave, is what the reaction.
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>> reporter: murray, maxwell and alonzo, sound like a law firm but if there isn't a legal omgation it is a moral obligation to make sure that the eagles right this ship. there is a lot of reaction from fans here. we will start with demarco murray being traded to the tennessee titans with details being finalized. we should expect more on wednesday. it is in the yet known who the bird replacement will be for murray, but murray cashed in with a 40 million-dollar, five-year contract with the eagles last year, and a 21 million-dollar guarantee, that is not bad at all but we know he hasn't been happen hi in philadelphia a. he hasn't make any secrets about that. fans have an interesting set of opinions on the move. >> well, he didn't get much of an opportunity here, coming from the top running back in the league to to sitting on the bench. i guess he asked for a trade because he deserves it. >> reporter: do you think the new coach could have given him a little will, pederson should
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have given him a better look. >> probably, yeah but you know, they have to make decisions, in the end they have to make a decision. >> big cry baby, demarco, don't produce, and mace his own trade. >> reporter: well, demarco murray's trade comes with the loss of linebacker kiko a licenses owe and cornerback byron maxwell to the dolphins in exchange for draft picks. we will sue how this works out in terms of who the eagles get. >> a lot of free agencies action coming up in the next few months. 6:11 now on this tuesday. we have some breaking news, in new jersey state trooper, was struck at the scene of that horrible accident on 295 has died. this just came into us. we are getting more information and bring it to you after the break. >> steve keeley has been their life all morning. >> all night, actually.
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all right. lets get back to this breaking news, alex. >> we have learn the new jersey state trooper struck at the scene of the motor vehicle accident has now died. >> this was on 295 at 8:30 last night. road was shut down seven or eight hours. officer was taken to cooper hospital in camden by helicopter. the that is where steve is right now, steve, bad news. >> reporter: you can see a live picture there preparing as they always do for a big
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procession to take trooper's body out of cooper hospital. they are beginning to shut down the road, you can see that man right there in the neon putting up the signs. we got official word from the sergeant here on the scene in that unmark suv with the flashing lights that they were going go to shut down the roads around trooper for a procession of state police vehicles to remove officer body and give him a solute procession that we see. too often in our business from both our helicopter shot and from our ground shot all the time we just saw with officer wilson in philadelphia last year, this month, so here we go a year later we knew another local police officer in the the line of duty, and as i said earlier, this is two troopers getting killed, on south jersey roads in less than three months, think back to a week before christmas, a very young trooper from glassboro, slide on a icy road down salem county and he gets
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killed in an accident. that was in the daytime this was at nighttime. if we have our video avail aable for viewers just waking up, it is 20 after 8:00, 295, trooper pulls a vehicle will over, car stopped and this is where 295 has a exit for west department for. if you have never driven down there it is a a are populated a area they have two lanes for that exit. you are talking about five lanes there and speed limit on the south 295 lanes after passing bellmawr where that construction is going on is when it first goes up to 65. so people really opened it up down there and perhaps somebody was looking up at the signs or thought the they missed and swerved over but trooper was out of his cruiser and was hit and we have a second tape by a white four door sedan that had such severe damage kind we see in hit and runs, windshield smashed in. the whole front end smashed
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in. and both cars, the car that hit the trooper and car that was pulled over and car that was pulled over, spun around facing the opposite direction. the car that the trooper pulled over went from the right side of the road pulled off in the shoulder all the way to the left side across four or five lanes and then caught fire. that is how bad the impact was for this crash and the driver that was pulled over also needed to get to the hospital, so a very, very bad accident last night. of course, it is dark out. who knows why. the driver had no option but to stop and it was a female driver and we saw her in the helicopter shots talking to police on the scene trying to explain how it happened and what happened and what was going on. the trooper flown here to cooper and really nothing trauma surgeons could do. >> yeah, it is emotional steve, for sure. we will also in a little bit try to get an update on the
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woman in the car that spun all the way across 295 and burst into flames. more on that all morning long. 6:18. >> here's sue. >> we will give you a quick look at the weather, we can expect for today as we walk out the door we have got some cloud around this morning. the sun will be up soon. it is already starting. couple rogue showers breaking up and it should not affect us for today. we are already at 48 degrees. we are expecting this mild air down to the the southwest to be with us, not only today but tomorrow and thursday as well. so look at these numbers 27 degrees today, mid 70's for tomorrow, upper 70's by the time we will get to thursday, and both of those wednesday and thursday temperatures would be new record for those dates. records are in the 80's. that won't happen. we will cool down over the weekend but it looks like it will still be much milder then normal. that is your seven day forecast, here's bob kelly.
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>> 6:18 coming up at 6:19. we are looking at this accident on i-95, philadelphia fire fighters here. this is north bound lanes of i-95 lanes right at that sharp curve before you get to the walt whitman bridge. anyone leaving the airport area coming up and over that girard point double decker, pass stadium area and hit the brakes at that curve on i-95 north approaching walt whitman. that accident involving the state trooper, 295 is opened, for the morning rush hour, however, as we just saw from steve they are getting ready for a procession from cooper hospital to i don't know where they will be heading but expect some road closures and we will try to catch it on our camera here the procession with the officer's body here. 676 south at collins avenue there is an accident right at that exit number one and then elkins park watch for a crash ash born road at new second street. otherwise mass transit looking g mike and alex, back to you.
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yesterday that the time we thought maria sharapova was calling a news conference to announce her retirement. she said she failed a drug test. we will tell you what substance she was taken. i have never heard of it.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles are clearing out chip kelly players, they say is there a sucker born every day? that is the case with teams taking on eagles poor performing players. chip kelly sign or brought in players with trade last season that turned out to be stiffs, just bad players, all they trade cannot be official until wednesday at 4:00 p.m. howie roseman is cleaning it out. rose man work out a deal to send demarco murray to the tennessee titans, last season, kelly brought in murray from dallas as a free agent signing him to a five-year, 40 million-dollar contract. twenty-one of which was guarantied. now he is gone for a fifth round draft pick. earl willer eagles traded cornerback byron maxwell and kiko alonzo. the fans think they should get a second round pick but i would be shock if they get anything better than a fourth this year and maybe next year. big games to the the wells fargo center. tied one on one. shane gostisbehere shoots and scores. the flyers beat tampa four-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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this is letter from the itf that i have failed a drug test at the australian open. >> you know who that is, that is maria sharapova made a shocking announcement she tested positive during the australian open in january for something called meldonian. >> it was a drug added to the international ten ace so, banned substance. she has taken it for years. >> for the past ten years i have been given a medicine by my doctor. it also has another name of meldoni thean which i did not know. >> get to know this. >> meldonian. >> she's highest paid woman in sports and she was taking the drugs for health reasons will. the 28 year-old five time
6:25 am
grand slam champion will be officially suspended starting saturday according to the international tennis federation. she had a big contract with nike, and that has been put on hold. >> she's number one in endorsements as far as female tennis players. by the way real quickly in sports too one of our favorite guys, bruiser flint lost his job with the drexel dragons, out as basketball coach. we saw that coming. they had a bad year, couple back to back. we're thinking bit. hillary clinton and bernie sanders answer voters question in the final town hall forum, before today's big michigan primary, four states, vote to go day. we are also staying on top of breaking news this morning a new jersey state trooper dies after being hit the by a koran 295, last night, we will give you latest.
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back to the breaking news this morning about the new jersey state trooper, that was hit on 295, traffic stop along the roadway there. >> he has died, sue, do we have a name yet. >> shawn cullen, 31 years old. i will show you an awful a scene around cooper hospital. look at that you can see that police officer there. you cannot see his badge but badge is covered in black band and it is sad that they have them and need them so often but i will do something i will never do on the air. i will read and tell you latest from new jersey state police. they lose a trooper in the
6:29 am
tragic accident. the family mourning death of the one of our troop hours died overnight from injuries sustain in the line of duty around 8:15 p.m. monday, trooper shawn cullen, cullen, 31, responded to the scene of the crash on southbound 295 and deptford township, trooper cullen was walking near crash where there was an active car fire and several fire and police vehicles with emergency lights on. for a vehicle. a vehicle struck him as it was passing the scene of all that. the 22-year old woman driving stopped immediately, cooperated with state police. trooper columnens, and, and air lifted here, to cooper hospital in camden. the his family members and numerous troopers a and law enforcement personnel from several different agencies held vigil late until the hospital. doctor pronounced him deceased shortly after 12:30 a.m. colonel rick fuentes broke the news to those gathered in the
6:30 am
waiting room. troop are cullen was a member of the 154th state police class stationed in bellmawr station at creek road that we showed live on tv right next to that huge new bellmawr wawa that opened there you see on your way to and from the new jersey shore. he had been a trooper for just two years. investigation in the crash still continuing: there have been no charges or tickets that struck trooper cullen. further information will be released as it becomes available. alex and mike this was not the just a car stop, there were fire trucks there with red flashing lights, lots, several fire police vehicles with emergency lights on and this trooper was walking. we don't necessity how far away from all those vehicles that were there for that previous accident, when he was hit but at 8:15 it is dark out. there are streetlights down there. it is a busy exit but still, he was hit, and hit severely a as we saw, from the impact of
6:31 am
our video of the crash scene. so just an awful scene out here. now we are looking at one of the camden county officers walking toward you. we will give you a shot up close of his badge and through see something that you see quite often and too often in this country especially what a year it has been for the loss of police in the line of duty in this country, wow. >> thirty-one years old. >> um-hmm. >> all right. 6:31, sue. >> taking a look at weather for today. biggest difference between today and yesterday walking out the door it is not as cold as it was yesterday, we are looking at temperatures in the 20's and 30's. and we are in the 40's and we have seen temperatures in the the 50's. and once they are stray showers but showing up on radar but not all making it to the ground but don't be surprised if you see a rain drop or two. here in the city we are seeing sunshine milk with clouds,
6:32 am
48 degrees, relative humidity at 66 percent. 5 miles an hour wind, west southwest. we will get to a high of 72. not as chilly as yesterday but still in the 40's. you will need a court this morning but not until the you will need them today as well. that is your weather authority forecast for today, we have seven day forecast just ahead with higher temperatures, bob kelly is here right now what do you got. >> good morning, 6:32, on a tuesday. clean up a crash here on i-95 what is left that san, oil dry that goes down, to go pick up oil and gas, that was created as a result of the accident, northbound i-95, right before the walt whitman bridge, two of the lanes are opened coming from say delaware county, airport area, it is a jam from broad street and right at that sharp curve where awe approach that walt whitman that is the accident scene. here's a live look at cooper
6:33 am
hospital where steve keeley is reporting on the story and a now police procession getting ready to leave coupe are hospital. just watch for detours and delays in the area of 676, haddon avenue knew, again, leaving cooper hospital in the next half an hour or so. 295, the scene of the accident last night is opened for vehicle traffic this morning. there are no problems passing the scene. we have delays though, on a couple of our mass transit systems. twenty minute delays on the patco high speed line, the norristown high speed line, and west trenton, regional rail line, again, delays the on the rails, this morning. mike and alex, back to you. 6:33. >> lets get to lauren. >> mother and her two kids are in the hospital after being hit by a tow truck in fair hill. police say they were crossing b street and ontario when all three were hit the by a truck just before 7:00. mother and one of the children are in critical condition, youngest child, stable condition, this morning. the witness essay truck driver
6:34 am
appeared to have the green light. >> i can tell you that the intersection of the b and ontario, b street, which is very, very busy intersection not only with vehicular but also pedestrian traffic. >> the driver did stop and wait for police, investigators are looking at surveillance video to find out exactly what happened. police in montgomery county working with the fbi to try to find whoever used a gun to rob a credit union in horsham. the authorities say this person entered the american heritage federal credit union saturday morning and he wore a full faced motorcycle helmet that concealed his identity. after getting cash investigators say he took off in a gray car possibly a hyundai or honda. if you have any information call police. civil rights activist is calling on the penns grove carney's point school district in new jersey to ex-spell a middle school student, this is over a fight between kid that he says involved racist words, and dangerous threats. walter hudson held a news conference yesterday alongside the families of the the three
6:35 am
african-american boys, two of them brothers. the families claim a white student followed the brothers home last month, and got in a fight with them and then used a racially charged word. hudson says the school suspended two brothers but that the student that used the racial slurs were not disciplined. we have reached out to the school district for comment but we have not yet heard back. >> mike and alex. >> let us know. it looks like chip kelly's mistakes from last season may be, two seasons before, that the eagles are trying to wipe them away. >> not even trying, it sound like it is happening. sources say three star eagles players they have been trade todd other teams, not officially until tomorrow. when they make the announcement. but at least yesterday and so a lot of people are already react to go this, dave. >> that would be howie. >> they are breaking up the band but this is a band without any hit singles, unfortunately. we are here at the wawa in south philadelphia, lot of people have interesting opinions about all of this but we will start with running
6:36 am
back demarco murray, one of the biggest names in the the set of trade, going to tennessee and titans there, the deal is not yet finalized, not yet known who the bird will get as a replacement, and also we know kiko a a alonzo, the cornerback or linebacker, and cornerback byron maxwell, they are going go to the dolphins in exchange for draft picks. the fans have an interesting set of opinions on all of this, listen in. >> you will be thinking, kiko alonzo, right. >> yes. >> your thoughts on that one. >> we need linebackers. we need secondary. he wanted to get out of philly. >> reporter: do you think he can play. >> we will find out this year. >> it is what happens when you have a losing organization, tennessee, where did they send them other two fools good dolphins. >> the dolphins. that is why they never win. kiko a alonzo, he cannot play.
6:37 am
you are bigger than him. >> reporter: , you you see what i do with the the football, no one would want to watch that. murray led nfl in rushing and was the offensive player of the year. he had a big deal in philadelphia, 21 million-dollar guarantied, you will see what happens in tennessee. >> they sent them to a pretty bad team. year ago we were so excited when we got him. >> he is number 29, we can use that because we're fox 29. he is best runner in the league and new we have him. >> i thought i had a jersey, demarco's jersey now just a fox jersey. >> here's the thing, i feel like when it comes to us off season is so much more exciting. do you remember last season. and then this person, that person. >> and we were going to the super bowl. yeah, seven wins. >> no, anybody, no. >> voters in four states will head to the polls today and
6:38 am
probably some of them are already there, to cast their ballots in the race for white house. biggest prize is michigan with 59 republican delegates and listen to this a whooping 140 -- 148 democratic delegates up for grabs. latest polls for michigan show donald trump and hillary clinton, have double digit lead over their competitors. we have mississippi, we have hawaii and idaho, also with primaries and caucuses today. >> last night was final push by hillary clinton and bernie saint tours win the great lakes state on the town hall on the "fox news" channel. >> yes. >> so, they took part in the event, and, the trio of weekend wins. he responded pretty strongly to clinton's criticism of his opposition to the 2008 bill bailing out the financial sector. the clinton arguing by voting a against it, now sanders also
6:39 am
voted against fund ago this ultimately saved the u.s. auto industry. >> of course, i voted in the one senate vote i had an opportunity to vote to support the automobile industry. what i did not vote for was the bail out of the wall street. that is the vote senator clinton took. >> another source of the contention bernie sanders continues to vow to help those, buried in student loan debt, that got some applause. his tuition free proposals is something hillary clinton calls an irresponsible and unfair prom toys make that can never be kept. >> so when senator saunders say free college with no pressure on the universities and colleges to lower their costs, i think that will only make it more expensive. >> one thing clinton and sanders did agree on was that michigan governor needs to step down following his
6:40 am
handling of the flint water crisis. two rivals looking ahead to the michigan primary today where delegates are on the line. >> as much as 130 delegates in that state, for them. i think 148 were actually delegates, i misspoke and i apologize to everyone. 6:40. billion air media mogul michael bloomberg says he won't be running for president. a a lot have of people thought wow enter the race. >> would i imagine donald trump is disappointed by this. michael bloomberg made the announcement saying entering the race as a third party candidate could lead to a dead lock in the electoral college. bloomberg believes that dead lock could then lead to a election, the election of a republican presidential candidate, donald trump or possibly ted cruz. many people think the opposite would happen. but we won't find out because he is not in it. >> didn't accomplish a thing. >> that is a big bad that almost hit his face.
6:41 am
>> a dad moves into action and as soon as he sees his son in danger. you have to see this picture that is just shocking. >> within inches of his nose good daddies a hero. >> but first let's tell but a breaking news, new jersey state troop are dies after being hit the by a koran 295, about 8:30 last night. more on that next.
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6:44 am
it is tuesday, our breaking news i a new jersey state trooper who lost his life after being hit on 295 last night. >> this happened later last night the but steve keeley has been on this story since last night at cooper hospital at camden, steve? >> reporter: for our viewers just waking up this all started within a 20 after 8:00 . we just got the official update the about how it happened, and how it exact and there was a previous accident on 295. there were lots of police, and emergency fire vehicles on the scene. and this is 295 where it splits into almost five or six
6:45 am
lanes. it is right at west deptford very busy exit, southbound, in new jersey. very populated area down there. and, there was a car fire, even. there is so much going on, before everybody need to slow down past a scene like this usually people do. because somebody, a woman driving fast enough, would be doing some awful damage. because now we have, a woman's car which is a a white four door sedan. look the at the damage to the windshield and passenger side. she hit 31 year-old new jersey state trooper sean cullen walking around the scene, doing probably traffic control, and investigating, and doing his job, and he got hit, and the impact, killed him within four hours despite being flown to the the best trauma surgeons, new jersey's got for sure here at cooper. the accident happened, at quarter after 8:00 and he is pronounced dead here just a half an hour after midnight, and the head of the state police colonel fuentes was
6:46 am
here and broke the news to all of the other colleagues of the bellmawr barracks at the route 42 and creek road there. you probably know it well. everybody drives by here. we show it on our traffic camera there every day and he had been a troop are for two years and again, this is lost of two young state troopers, within three months here in south jersey, and, they had lost another trooper a and another car accident while on duty and salem county, just a a week before christmas and now another loss of another state trooper in the line of duty, again, in a road crash in an accident. no charges for that driver just yet, they obviously were investigating a long time. they had 295 shut down for seven hours and reopened it the just before we went on the air at 4:00 a.m. so, we have now been talking about other roads closed ape we will come back to a live picture, and we are behind
6:47 am
cooper hospital. we will show you the ground shot first. the road is getting ready to be shut down and have have a solemn procession as they take the trooper's body out on have here in to a morgue or funeral home and camden county police assisting with that. they don't necessity exactly where they will take the trooper as body. we can go to the helicopter shot and give you a front of the coupe are hospital. this is a busy time in camden in this area you can already see detourness effect and everybody wondering what is going on. the a lot of people waking up to this news who didn't hear bit or watch any of the news this morning but just another solemn scene here at cooper hospital, and again, what a awful, three month it has been for the new jersey state police here in south jersey. alex and mike. >> i was wondering about the the wreck that was in the white car. >> reporter: well, they have not identified her at all. i think they a said 22 years oldies my recollection of the state police press release.
6:48 am
so, you know, and again, you never necessity what is going on and what are the conditions but that spot has so many signs above you and if you are looking up at a sign maybe in the looking straight out windshield but there are signs for exits. the it could be confusing to people don't know that area and maybe she knows that area but was confused about how to get around the accident scene, and maybe looking a at previous accident scene as people tend to do when they drive by accident scenes. you hear bob kelly talk about the rubber neckers, gaper delays, who knows what is going on. she had to stop essentially because her car also spun around like the car that she hit, the the trooper at the scene of the car accident, previous accident had spun that car around facing north bound. her car also was facing north bound afterwards. but they say that she was cooperating and speaking and again, nothing any charges in this case. that is all secondary to everybody at the this point
6:49 am
because they are dealing with big trooper family and, of course, trooper sean cullen's family at age 31. >> let us know when that procession begins so we can come to you. 6:49. lets get to sue. >> sunnies up. it is already mild they are morning at this time. we saw radar earlier. we have seen activity from very weak system, which is mostly just clouds and most of what we're seeing here on radar isn't make going it to the ground but in case you see rain drop or two is what is going on. it is already 48 degrees in philadelphia the same in mount pocono. forty-two in lancaster. forty-nine down in dover delaware. fifty in atlantic city. the wind out of the southwest but we expect for next couple days temperatures to be 20 to 25 degrees above normal. the record for tomorrow's high is 73. record for thursday is 76. looking at our forecast we
6:50 am
will see both wednesday and thursday, projections are well above the rorrer. so two record breakers there. probably not today because the record for today's date is the eighth have of march are in the 80's, and 67 degrees, on friday, with a late shower, cold front and then it is in the 60's over the weekend. chance of a passing shower for the the parade, on sunday, we have to see, an unsettled weekend weather forecast, and we will to have nail it down bob kelly, later on. >> passing shower. i hope mother nature signed up for parade and filled out her application as she wants to be walking past our camera on sunday. this is 422 eastbound picking up volume toward king of prussia, southbound i-95, delays from academy into girard avenue. typical for this hour as we just mentioned we are waiting for that police procession leave cooper hospital. if you are leaving this area or heading in the hospital
6:51 am
area or leaving that part of the camden, be ready for some closures, with that procession. now north on i-95, watch for delays from broad street, through the walt whitman. they just opened up all of the lanes after an earlier accident, and then 20 minute delays still hanging on here at the pennsylvania co high speed line and west trenton line, the norristown high speed line had delays. they have been correct. they are getting back to normal slowly but surely and a new ramp closure, anyone coming over betsy ross bridge into philadelphia the rich mop street off ramp is block for next six weeks, you have to use i-95 and exit at bridge street, alex, back to you. 6:51. well, this guy, sticks out his arm, just in time to save a boy from a flying baseball bat, when he he knew he had to act to save his son, just incredible.
6:52 am
6:53 am
i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." and now in delicious chocolate.
6:54 am
a flying bat at a baseball game could have turned this into a very bad day. >> one father has good reflections, and oh, he put out his arm at just the right time, look at this. so photographer captured the exact moments that shawn cunningham stopped a flying baseball bat from hitting his
6:55 am
son landing. >> it is his birthday too. >> this is over weekend at braves/pirates spring training game, yep, for his birthday. landing just brought his dad's phone, to take pictures and was looking down. suddenly the bat slipped out of the hitters hand and dad was ready to go. >> this thing was like flying, it went like that. and loss it like that. >> it is threw my arm out there. >> okay. so shawn, nicely done, nicely done. i bet his armies black and blue this morning. >> wow, close call. >> at some point i will tell but one time at a yankee game and saved the face of my boss's wife. >> you have arms like that guy because that guy had some arms. >> but i pretended when it didn't hurt when it hit my hand, stopped the ball right in front of her face.
6:56 am
>> nice hands. >> you know, you wanted to cry. >> i got to go to the bathroom. >> i got to pea. >> good call there, dad. 6:56. of course we're following breaking news out of new jersey a new jersey state trooper has died after being hit the by a car, last night around 8:15 on 295. we are live at troop are hospital. we will go take through next. so how old is the second most famous groundhog
6:57 am
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6:59 am
top story, a sad story, new jersey state troop are killed last night around 8:15 while on patrol there at an accident on 295. >> we have learned it was a young driver 22 years old who hit the state trooper. thirty-one year-old sean cullen. >> steve is a at cooper hospital waiting for this procession, steve. >> reporter: mike, i said live at 5:00 before you guys came on something was going on because there was a whole lot of police here and what we are looking at, is road closed for construction equipment being moved in but that streetlight there is broadway and local police had shut that off and new jersey state police you saw it live on our air at 5:00 t they were out of here. we have since learn that the trooper was pronounced dead just past midnight at 12:30. they were shutting red down there and i said something must be going on we just don't know what it is, so they may have removed trooper's body then if they did at all or
7:00 am
closed road to get his family out of here without having to deal with the media, and all of the bright lights and questions, maybe somebody might shout to them. believe it or not somebody would do that in our business you see camden county police blocking road behind cooper and construction equipment coming in here. local police here didn't even know they just started their shifts. this fellow in the neon green told us he was called to get here and block off road. we figured that would be for body of the trooper but no, just for this construction equipment. for you people watching wondering what the heck we're talking about lets go back to this story. if we have video, i will show you scene from sky fox last night in prime time. this is quarter after 8:00 when this happened. there was a previous crash at the car fire, so there were a lot of emergency vehicles on the road at the time. you can see how wide the road is in this shot, this is three lanes s


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